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Your pool guy shouldn't be a stranger.

We know it can be uncomfortable to have a stranger show up to your property, so why would we send one??

At Patriot Pool and Spa, we don't believe in having a mystery pool guy showing up on a mystery day. We have listened to countless new customers tell us over the phone that they have left their old pool service company because they never knew who was going to walk through their gate and they never knew when to expect them. We're problem-solvers, so we have solved this problem.

The Monday that you begin cleaning service with Patriot Pool and Spa, you will receive an infographic like the one you see above that will introduce you to your pool cleaner! Nathan isn't a stranger anymore! You may be gone at work all day long and never have a chance to meet Nathan in person, but now you know who is in your yard every Thursday!


Yes, that's when he will be there EVERY WEEK! Of course extreme weather, holidays, sickness, or flat tires occur, so technically we build in a 24 hour window of flexibility around your day of service, but 99.9% of the time you will see Nathan's smiling face on Thursday. At any point during your service with Patriot, if your regular technician or day of service were to change, you will receive a new infographic from us on the Monday morning of that week.

We believe communication with you, our customer, is what sets us apart, and we look forward to you meeting your new pool guy!