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Want to save $14,000 PER YEAR?

Want to save $14,000 PER YEAR? image

Well, we just did that for a customer.

This is what we found when we arrived onsite at an Austin apartment complex. It was a mess, but the kind of mess that gets us excited to be pool guys. We could see the potential and luckily so could the property manager.

The property manager expressed interest in variable speed pump technology, and after a few minutes with the Zodiac Pool Pump Energy Savings Calculator we discovered that we could save them $14,000 PER YEAR in energy costs! This made the renovation a no-brainer because they could upgrade the ENTIRE pad including new filters, a new heater, new chlorinators, a new 5HP water feature pump, 5 variable speed pumps, and all new plumbing/electrical and see a return on their investment in about 2 years time. They will be making thousands of dollars back on this investment before the Zodiac 3 year warranty is even up!

Now to the pictures!