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Keeping your pools GREEN! No, that isn't a typo...

Keeping your pools GREEN!  No, that isn't a typo... image

At Patriot Pool and Spa, we are constantly and consistently trying to improve. Whether it is in reference to our people, our process, or our product; we not only want to do it better than our competition, but we want to do it better than WE did it yesterday.

As we reviewed our records from 2014, we noticed two mind-blowing numbers. Last year, we sold 5,273 bottles of liquid acid and shock. Those 5,273 gallon-sized, plastic bottles were packaged in 982 cardboard boxes. Regrettably, all 6,255 of those potentially hazardous items went into a landfill.

We found a better way.

Starting this year, we are now using HASA chemicals. HASA provides us with re-fillable bottles which will allow us to service hundreds of pools per week without ever having to throw out another gallon bottle or cardboard box. Our cleaning techs save each bottle that has been used, and trade it in for a re-filled bottle through our distribution center when it is empty. HASA reuses each bottle hundreds of times before it is eventually recycled.

Not only is this new process better for our environment, but it is better for YOUR pool!

HASA chemicals are stronger and more pure than the disposable liquid chemicals, similar to those found in pool retailers, that we have used in the past. This will result in fewer chemical adjustments and better water quality with less extraneous particulate added to your swimming environment.

We are excited about this improvement to both our process and our products, and we hope you are too!