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Our "Digital Door-hangers" help simplify your life

Our "Digital Door-hangers" help simplify your life image

If you currently have a pool service, I bet that at this moment you can't tell me if your pool has been cleaned today or not. You would have that knowledge if Patriot Pool and Spa was cleaning your pool!

In any service business, clear communication with the customer is key. Traditionally, a pool service company will leave a paper door-hanger (if anything at all) to inform you that their tasks have been completed. We used to do this too.

Of course we became aware of the many problems that exist with this method of communication. If the door-hanger wasn't carried away by the wind or eaten by the dog, it usually wasn't found anyway. We might find door-hangers stacked months deep in some instances. The biggest problem though was the lag time between leaving notice and you discovering it at your front door, gate, or equipment area. The information left on that door-hanger is important, and it is best utilized if acknowledged immediately.

Our solution: why not digitize our door-hangers and send them by e-mail? As soon as our technicians finish cleaning your pool, you will receive an e-mail report letting you know that they were there, the chemistry adjustments that were necessary, and any other instructions or notes that may give you peace of mind that the pool is in good hands.

You might be sitting at work at 2:46 pm on a Thursday, and immediately receive notification that your pool was just serviced. This is vital because you can now text your kids who are just getting home from school to let them know that chemicals were added to the pool and swimming is a bad idea this afternoon. Without Patriot Pool and Spa, that's one uncomfortable afternoon for the kids.