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Pool season in February?

Pool season in February? image

You may have noticed this already, but it's a bit toasty outside. Based on the volume of calls we are currently receiving, it is safe to say that it is officially "pool season".

This is important to note because you may notice some slight turbulence in your route scheduling over the next couple month as we really start ramping up into top speed for the spring. As always, we try to maintain as much consistency as possible with your regularly scheduled day of service and technician, but as the seasonal surge hits there may be some tweaks made with our scheduling to ensure we are operating at our optimal level of efficiency. With optimal routing, we can create a better and more consistent final product for you and your swimming pool. I apologize in advance for any scheduling hiccups this may cause in the coming weeks, but I assure you it is for the purpose of a better final product and, as always, we will notify you on Monday mornings with a new "meet the cleaner" page if a change does occur.

I also want to reassure you that if you do see a new smiling face in your backyard, it is not a result of turnover but growth! Below you can see the swimming pool A-Team we have assembled. I am so proud of the quality people and quality talent that we have been able to attract to the Patriot team, and I know that all of us on the team are excited to serve you each week.

Let the swimming commence!

Hal Denbar
Patriot Pool and Spa