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The Patriot Constitution

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It is something I get asked quite often: "How is Patriot Pool and Spa growing so fast?"

The easy answer to this question has always been that the people we have been so fortunate to find are the best in the business. I have always genuinely believed this and it is truly humbling to be surrounded by such skilled professionals.

My belief in this answer was completely confirmed when we decided to create our company values to put in print at a recent Monday morning meeting. We had every member of our team write down their ideas about what was important to the way they perform their jobs and live their life as a member of the Patriot team. We created our "Patriot Constitution" as a compilation of the ideas they put on paper, and not surprisingly many of these themes were echoed from many members of the team.

We took it a step farther and decided to create company goals, as a team, as well.


Now I just carry this picture on my phone, and when people ask why Patriot is growing so fast, I show them this picture and say, "because we have a team of professionals who can articulate vision like this at 7:30 on a Monday morning."

We also got sort of vinyl-letter happy, and put some other wise words from important modern-day philosophers up...