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Patriot Pool and Spa provides comprehensive pool services for pool owners throughout Austin, TX. We want to help you maintain the perfect pool with our knowledgeable, affordable pool services. Our company was founded by Austinites, and we are proud to serve the entire area with impeccable pool services. We do everything from updating your pool equipment to maintaining your chemistry levels. Contact us today to learn more!

Residential & Commercial Pool Service

Our experienced team provides safe and extensive pool services for your pool. We offer pool inspections, appliance installations, water testing, pool leak detection, and more. Our friendly team ensures your pool is sparkling and stunning throughout the year.

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Our pool cleaning repairs include weekly visits to brush, vacuum, and skim the surface of your pool. We customize our cleaning efforts to ensure your equipment is properly working, the chemistry balance is perfect, and your baskets are always empty. We email you a report after each pool cleaning service.

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When you need equipment repair, come to us. We can help you find the parts that are often hard to locate. We can supply your pool with any necessary equipment, pieces, or parts.

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Whether you need a pool heater repair or have dripping equipment, our poor repair technicians are here for you. We can help with cleaners, sanitation, light systems, filters, pumps, motors, and more. We can recommend pool repairs for the best solutions for your specific pool problems.

Pool Maintenance in Austin

In a typical pool maintenance visit, the pool shell and tiles get vacuumed, skimmed, and brushed. As well as cleaning trap baskets, the pool professional will conduct water chemistry tests. Chemicals are added if necessary after the pH has been checked to bring the water back into balance.

A regular pool and spa maintenance visit should also include filter inspection and cleaning. It is recommended to inspect filters weekly and replace the gaskets, PSI gauges, or cartridges when necessary. In addition, the DE filters and grids should be inspected and cleaned.

Adding water and resetting time clocks (if necessary) are also included in regular pool maintenance. Salt chlorinators convert salt into chlorine, so those salt levels must be checked in some pools.

Pool Maintenance is Vital

How does neglecting pool maintenance affect your pool? When you fail to maintain your pool properly, you and those who use it will be at risk for bacteria buildup, improper water balance, and even damage to the pool liner, which may crack. Low pH levels can also result in a variety of problems.

Check Out Our Weekly Pool Services!

Patriot Pool & Spa in Austin provides more than weekly pool cleaning. We offer a comprehensive pool care package that covers everything you need to keep your pool in good shape. You can rely on our pool technicians to deliver a high-quality service every time.

While you may prefer to maintain your pool yourself, hiring one of our professional technicians can save you time. We can also help you save money by detecting potential problems earlier and by not having to spend too much on commercial pool cleaning equipment. By detecting premature wear earlier, you extend the life of your equipment. If you can detect smaller issues before they become major problems, you may be able to save yourself a bundle on major repairs and replacements.

Our Complete List of Pool Services

You can’t go wrong when you choose Patriot as your pool service provider. Your satisfaction is guaranteed every time you schedule the following services:

  • Equipment Installation: Equipment installation is one of our specialties, and our team can help you select the best product for your needs. We simplify the installation process by helping you select the right equipment for your pool.
  • Green to Clean: Overgrowth of algae is the most common cause of green pools. Getting rid of algae can make swimming difficult. Surfaces and equipment can also be damaged. Our green pool service solves this problem.
  • Pool Automation: This can include temperature control, lighting, filtration, and more. Schedules can be set, settings can be adjusted, and pool and spa monitoring can be done from anywhere.
  • Pool Inspection: Keeping your pool safe requires regular inspections. We at Patriot Pool & Spa make sure your family is safe around your pool.
  • Pool Repair: Pools can be efficiently and reliably repaired by our expert technicians.
  • Water Testing: Featuring recommendations on how to test your pool water and common pool water issues, Patriot Pool and Spa has compiled a guide to pool water testing.
  • Weekly Pool Services: Maintaining your pool regularly will keep your home in a better state.

Get to know Patriot Pool & Spa — Austin

At Patriot Pool & Spa, business is personal. These individuals make up who we are and we hope you get to meet all of them! We always want you to know and feel comfortable with who is in your yard. Patriot runs background checks on all of our candidates, and we only feel comfortable putting people in your yard that we would welcome inside our own home. We are extremely proud of the team we have put together and for now we would love for you to meet them!

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THANK YOU Patriot for the years of maintaining our family pool and jacuzzi. Our technician has been coming every Tuesday afternoon for the last three years, which we really appreciate! Even our dog recognizes and loves him.
— Happy Customer


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