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Patriot Pool and Spa offers swimming pool services in Dallas, TX. We have dozens of trained, insured, and background-tested pool technicians to serve you. Our team takes care of thousands of swimming pools, from routine pool cleanings to pool repairs. Our friendly team is part of one of the fastest-growing pool service companies in the U.S. We want to help your pool sparkle and shine throughout the year. Contact us today to schedule pool services.

Service Areas Include

Routine Pool Maintenance in Dallas

We’re committed to ongoing pool maintenance. We understand that many pool owners find it challenging to balance chemical adjustments, pool cleaning, and maintenance checks. We take over the pool duties to ensure you take time to enjoy your pool without worrying about it becoming unsafe.

Unplanned Pool Maintenance Poses Hazards

Keeping your pool clean doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Maintaining your pool regularly shouldn’t cause too many problems if you do it on a regular basis. Keeping a pool in good shape can extend its life without requiring major repairs for many years.

It’s no secret that swimming pools can be a home for bacteria, insects, and small creatures. Without maintenance, your pool may become unpleasant to use. If you have made that far, bringing it back can be a time-consuming and difficult process.

If you neglect pool maintenance, what happens? Proper pool maintenance not only keeps you and those who use your pool safe from bacteria buildup and improper water balance, but can also damage the pool liner, which can crack if water balance isn’t maintained properly. Many scenarios may arise if the pH level is too low.

Pools with a pH of too low can etch, pit, and delaminate. Even costly pool tiles can be cracked if metal parts, such as ladders, screws, or pool cover components, are exposed to corrosion. pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels should be checked regularly to ensure proper circulation.

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Premier Weekly Pool Maintenance Services

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Green to Clean Pool Before & After

Green to Clean Guarantee

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We offer pool cleaning throughout the year for your residential or commercial pool. Our team thoroughly cleans your pool, including brushing and vacuuming. We’ll ensure the pool chemistry is perfect and your equipment works properly.

What Happens During a Pool Cleaning Visit

Skim: Your pool’s entire surface is swept to remove debris.
Remove debris: Your lawn and trash can won’t contain wet detritus. We collect all pool debris and remove it from your property.
Brush: Every side and step of your pool is thoroughly brushed. Inexperienced pool cleaners often overlook this step, but it’s extremely important because algae can grow there. Prevention is much easier than elimination when it comes to algae problems.
Vacuum: To ensure that your pool is cleaned thoroughly, we vacuum it diligently, carefully removing all sediment and debris.

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We can find the pool parts you need to repair your pool quickly. Let us save you a trip to the pool supply store and help you locate a piece of equipment or chemical for your pool. Our team can quickly diagnose your issues and find the best pool equipment for quick repair.

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We are trained and licensed to locate any pool issues that need repairs. We offer quick and efficient pool repair services to ensure your pool works well. Whether you need a pool light repair or pool heater repair, we’re here for the job.

Do you think you’re in need of a pool repair? Reach out and take advantage of our limited time offer!

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Dallas Pool Pros at Patriot

Patriot Pool and Spa services pools throughout the Dallas, TX, area. We also offer Pool School to help you become more comfortable with your swimming pool components. Since 2006, we’ve worked tirelessly to serve the area with superior swimming pool services. Contact us today to schedule pool services in Dallas.

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