Weekly Pool Services

Keeping your home in top shape can feel like a full-time job. From ensuring the HVAC system is up and running to cleaning the house from top to bottom, the list of chores seems never-ending. But when you stay up to date with regular maintenance, your home will be a better environment for everyone. As you plan your weekly to-do list, don’t forget about pool maintenance! Pools and spas need frequent upkeep to make sure they stay in working order. Luckily, Patriot Pool & Spa offers weekly pool maintenance services so you can focus your time on other things. Our experienced technicians serve Austin, Dallas, and Southlake, TX homeowners with top-tier services and guaranteed results.

Our Weekly Services Package

When you opt for Patriot Pool & Spa, you get more than just weekly pool cleaning. Our packages are comprehensive and cover all the necessary bases when it comes to pool care. You won’t need to contact any other providers when you work with us! Our team of pool technicians will ensure each of the following services is completed to the highest standard:
Legs under water

Water Testing
Striking the right balance of chemicals in the water is crucial to being able to enjoy your pool all summer long. During your weekly service, we’ll test the pool water and identify any imbalances. Specifically, we look at these levels:

  • Chlorine
  • pH factor
  • Cyanuric acid
  • Salt
  • Calcium hardness
  • Saturation index
  • Chloramines
  • Total alkalinity
  • Total dissolved solids (TDS)

Filter Services
The pool filter keeps your water crystal clear, even if you haven’t skimmed the surface for a few days. But when something goes wrong with this vital component, you could be left with dirty, muck-filled water that’s unsafe to swim in. Fortunately, our team can ensure your filter is working properly and replace it when necessary.

Cleaning, Brushing, and Scrubbing
Are there algae forming on the bottom of your pool? Perhaps you’ve noticed grime on the pool walls. Whatever the case for you, our technicians will take care of the mess. During your weekly pool maintenance appointment, we’ll thoroughly brush, scrub, and clean the interior of your pool, as well as the walls and surrounding tile.

Pool Equipment Inspections
If you’re noticing murky water or hearing strange sounds from your pool pump, there’s likely a problem with your equipment. Each week, a member of our team will complete a comprehensive inspection of your pool equipment and identify any causes for concern. When we catch these issues early, you’ll avoid more costly repairs in the future. Here’s what we’ll take a look at:

  • Pool pump
  • Pump strainer baskets
  • Swimming pool sweep
  • Skimmer baskets
  • Valves

Evaluate the Overall Pool Condition
When our pool technicians leave your home, you’ll feel secure in the knowledge that we’ve completed a full inspection of your pool or spa. Throughout your weekly pool service visit, our team members will make note of any visible damage, replacement needs, or general causes for concern. We can recommend repairs or point you to the latest equipment upgrades.

Why Do I Need Maintenance So Often?

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that their pool needs professional maintenance once a week. While four times a month may seem like a lot, staying up with your pool’s maintenance needs is crucial for keeping it in top shape. Letting maintenance fall to the wayside means dirty, unsanitary water—and you don’t want your family splashing around in that! Here’s why weekly pool service is important all summer long:

  • Health: It’s not a good idea to go for a swim in dirty pool water. Those who do are unnecessarily exposed to germs and substances that could get them sick. Be sure to schedule frequent pool cleanings to avoid this potential hazard.
  • Aesthetic: A clean, well-maintained pool just looks better! Crystal-clear waters can give you more pride in your home, as well as leave your guests with an excellent impression of your abode.
  • Home Value: Thinking of selling your home? If you keep your pool in exceptional condition, you could squeeze even more value out of your property. Weekly pool service is more than just a chore—it’s an investment!
  • Summer Fun: A clean pool is a fun pool! The better shape your pool or spa is in, the more likely it will lead you to a summer full of fun in the sun.

Save Money With Weekly Pool Service

Weekly pool service is worth the fee thanks to all the above benefits. But did we mention that it can actually save you money in the long run too? Investing in pool maintenance each week means you’ll have a professional looking at your equipment who can identify problems before they cause massive damage. Therefore, you can address these issues quickly and avoid expensive repairs and replacements. While paying the upfront cost, just think of all the money (and headaches) you’re saving!

Trusted by Texans in Austin, Dallas, and Southlake

Over the years, Patriot Pool & Spa has gained a reputation for high-quality services and amiable technicians. No matter the current condition of your pool, we’re happy to recommend a plan for getting your property back in working order. Our customers come back time and time again thanks to all the following guarantees:

  • Quick and easy scheduling
  • Reasonable rates
  • Friendly team members
  • Prioritized safety measures
  • Comprehensive service
  • Easy-to-use payment methods
  • Transparent reporting

Schedule With Us Today

Weekly pool service is an excellent investment of your time and money. Instead of waiting for problems to show themselves, be proactive with some help from Patriot Pool & Spa. Our team is well-versed in finding damage, addressing concerns with pool equipment, and ensuring the water is sanitary and chemically balanced. If you’re due for pool service, don’t hesitate to schedule with our friendly support staff.




I still can't believe how crystal clear our jacuzzi has been ever since we found Patriot Pool & Spa! Our neighbors can't stop commenting on how great it looks and how friendly our technician always is when she's in the neighborhood.
— Happy Customer


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