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Patriot Pool and Spa provides comprehensive swimming pool services in Rockwall, TX. We do everything from pool repairs and upgrades to pool maintenance and cleaning. Our team prides itself in the highest quality customer service for pool owners. We offer residential and commercial pool services. Our swimming pool technicians enjoy a unique approach to pool and spa care, focusing on safety, ease, and effortless results. Contact us to learn more!

Service Areas Include

Our pool cleaners ensure your swimming pool is ready for you with proper cleaning. We offer weekly cleaning services to skim, brush, and vacuum the pool. We will also check the pool’s chemistry balance and ensure your swimming equipment is properly working.

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Pool Equipment & Chemical Sales

Our team can help you find hard-to-locate swimming pool equipment and chemicals. We supply pool pieces, parts, chemicals, and toys for you. Our experienced technicians also perform pool equipment installations.

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Patriot Pools technician balancing pool water chemicals

Rockwall Pool Repairs

When your swimming pool needs repairs, we can help you. Our swimming pool technicians offer all types of pool repairs, from pool lighting repairs to pool heater repairs. We will find the most affordable and best solution for your pool problems. We can also perform pool leak detection services.

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Pool Maintenance in Rockwall

Our pool maintenance services ensure that your pool works correctly and that the chemicals are level. Our technicians will check for any leaks, look at pool levels, and measure chemicals. We are passionate about routine pool maintenance to catch pool problems as early as possible.

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Importance of Maintaining Your Rockwall Pool

Taking some time every other day to maintain your pool doesn’t have to be a huge chore. Regular pool maintenance shouldn’t cause too many problems if you keep up with it. Well-maintained pools can last for years without requiring major repairs.

In spite of this, you can run into problems if you fail to maintain your pool or fail to keep it clean. Despite its beauty, swimming pools can be a habitat for bacteria, insects, and small creatures. Without maintenance, your pool could become a swamp. Once you’ve gone that far, bringing it back can be difficult and time-consuming.

So, what happens if you avoid pool maintenance? Well, it’s not pretty. It is not only dangerous for you and those who use your pool to suffer from improper pool maintenance due to bacterial buildup and improper water balance, but it can also result in costly damage to the pool liner, which can crack if the water balance isn’t maintained correctly. If the pH is too low, several scenarios may occur.

When the pH is too low, it can cause fiberglass pools to etch, pit, and delaminate. The wrong chemical balance can even crack costly pool tiles if metal parts, such as ladders, screws, or pool cover components, are exposed to corrosion. To ensure proper circulation, you should regularly check your pool’s pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels.

Pool maintenance however offers the following benefits:

  • Maintain pH balance: pH balances are used to determine a pool’s acidity in water and its safety condition. We recommend contacting us if your pool appears cloudy, indicating a highly acidic environment.
  • Increased longevity: The more regularly a swimming pool is maintained, the longer it will last and the fewer problems with filters there will be in the future.
  • Cost efficient by saving on repairs: The sooner you solve these short-term problems, the less likely they are to turn into long-term problems that will cost you much more to resolve.
  • Avoid health risks: To prevent all possible health risks that come with not maintaining a pool properly, safety comes first. No one wants to be exposed to contaminated water, as it could cause irritation to the skin and eyes.

Keep your pool sparkling clean this summer with Patriot’s pool maintenance services!

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