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Over time, the equipment that your swimming pool and spa depend on will eventually become outdated and require replacement. In addition, technological advancements and improvements in capability, capacity, and energy efficiency will not only make upgrading your equipment a reasonable proposition, but a financially prudent one. When you’re looking to upgrade your pool by incorporating the newest and most cutting edge technology, make the call to Patriot Pool & Spa and let our swimming pool upgrade professionals handle the job for you.

Patriot Pool & Spa has proudly delivered nothing short of exceptional service since we first opened our doors all the way back in the 1980s. We routinely undergo extensive training to equip ourselves with the knowledge and tools to provide our customers with the most up-to-date equipment upgrades in the industry. From the newest energy-efficient pumps to the most user-friendly and reliable automation systems on the market, Patriot Pool & Spa has you covered. Every project we undertake is held to the highest of standards, so that we can ensure sure your new upgrades will provide the ease of use, reliability, and quality you so desire.

Your Local Pool Upgrade Experts

Pool upgrades are not something that can be done as a DIY project. Our Service Repair Technicians are highly trained and licensed to install the newest and most advanced equipment upgrades to your swimming pool and spa. Your swimming pool is a valuable investment, so avoid any costly damage by leaving the job to us. Our team has years of industry experience, and we know how to get the job done right. We always make sure that we are meeting the highest industry standards of quality, which means we will never cut corners on anything from the materials we use to the craftsmanship we provide you with.

We can install a wide variety of upgrades, including:

  • Advanced Water Treatment Systems

  • Energy-efficient variable speed pumps

  • High-efficiency filters

  • High-efficiency heaters

  • LED/Color-adjustable pool lighting

  • Pool/Spa Renovations

  • Automation and Web Connect

  • Stone, Tile, and Mastic Replacement

  • Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

Customizing your swimming pool is one of the greatest and most enjoyable things you can do for your outdoor living experience. Even if you inherited your pool through the purchasing of your home, you can still make it your own by adding a few key accessories or features that weren’t there before. Plus, adding new features will add to your home’s appeal, and may even contribute to the overall property value. If you are looking for a cost-effective investment that will make a huge energy and performance difference moving forward, upgrading your pool may be exactly what you need. Energy-efficient upgrades help you save money where it counts, and that is a huge benefit in Texas where with the right upgrades you can enjoy your swimming pool all year long for a fraction of the cost.

Advanced Water Treatment Systems

One of our most important jobs at Patriot Pool & Spa is to make sure your swimming pool water not only looks and feels amazing but is properly sanitized as well. Chlorine is the most effective way to properly sanitize, oxidize, and disinfect pool and spa water for optimal swimming conditions. Whether your system is designed to use Tri-Chlor tablets or a Salt Chlorine Generator, the pool professionals at Patriot Pool & Spa will make sure your swimming pool sanitation system is programmed to meet your pool’s specific demands.

However, the days of only using chlorine as the sole sanitation method are long gone. At Patriot Pool & Spa our Service Repair Technicians are equipped to install cutting edge water treatment systems that include: Ozone Generators, UV Sanitation, Mineral Cartridge Technology, and Advanced Oxidation Process. These state-of-the-art advancements in swimming pool water treatment are designed to work with your pool’s current chlorine system to give you and your family the safest, cleanest, and most swimmer-friendly water on the market.

Energy-Efficient Variable Speed Pumps

Is It Time to Replace Your Pump?

Pumps can and will eventually wear out—the components they depend on eventually fall apart, seals eventually need to be replaced, and motors and other important parts will eventually stop working. While repairing your pump can get it working again, sometimes you are simply only delaying the inevitable, and thus it’s a better investment to replace the system entirely.

It might be time to replace your pool pump if any of the following are true:

  • Your pump is constantly losing suction
  • Your pump needs at least one major repair per year
  • Your pump is more than 7 years old
  • Your pump has grown increasingly noisy over the years
  • Your pump emits strange smells
  • You have a single-speed pump


Energy-efficient variable speed pumps offer many great benefits that include: massive energy savings, flexible programming, increased filtration and chemical efficacy, longer warranties, and a whisper quiet noise factor. These energy-efficient pumps are the gold standard in the industry and with Department of Energy regulations took effect July 2021, and have become required by law to meet energy-efficiency standards. You no longer need to suffer exorbitant energy bills and inefficient pool filtration. Let the professionals at Patriot Pool & Spa optimize your system today.

High-Efficiency Filters and Heaters

Don’t suffer cloudy or lukewarm swimming water again!

Filters play a vital role in keeping your pool water clean, clear, and properly sanitized. As water circulates through your filter, the media or material inside the filter screens out dirt and debris from returning to your pool, thus providing clean and clear swimming pool water. The three main types of residential filters in use today are: Sand, DE (Diatomaceous earth), and Cartridge. Depending on the type of filter your system employs your pool might not be functioning at its peak optimization. Let the pool professionals at Patriot Pool & Spa perform a filter inspection today and make sure you have the appropriate filter installed for peak swimming pool performance.

There is nothing worse than getting ready to fire up your heater to enjoy a nice relaxing session in your spa and an error message flashes across the display. This happens far too often because pool and spa heaters are not routinely inspected for system optimization or scheduled for routine maintenance. At Patriot Pool & Spa we know the importance of a properly maintained and system specific high-efficiency heater. Our skilled and knowledgeable Service Repair Technicians can make sure your pool/spa is equipped with the correct heating unit so that your swimming experience is enjoyed at exactly the water temperature you desire.




I still can't believe how crystal clear our jacuzzi has been ever since we found Patriot Pool & Spa! Our neighbors can't stop commenting on how great it looks and how friendly our technician always is when she's in the neighborhood.
— Happy Customer


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