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Our company has been named one of the fastest-growing pool service companies in the United States for three straight years by the Inc. 5000, and we are here to assist you with everything related to your pool or spa. With our focus on easy, safe, and effortless pool and spa care, you can expect a new kind of experience.

Patriot is proud to serve Fort Worth and the surrounding area with top-notch pool services.

Our Expert Pool Services

Our company provides a wide range of pool care services. Our licensed, certified technicians can test your pool water or repair your liner. We offer green pool cleaning, chemical treatment, and pool repair services. A thorough pool cleaning service includes netting, vacuuming, brushing the walls, and cleaning baskets.

Pool Maintenance in Fort Worth

By maintaining a swimming pool regularly, you can extend its lifespan and reduce the chance of future filter and debris issues. Additionally, it will improve the appearance of the pool. A beautifully designed pool should not have algae, leaves, or critters, which can clog filters. Having already spent a lot on building it, keeping up with basic maintenance ensures that it always looks stunning.

Here is what you can expect from Patriot during a pool maintenance visit:


Professional Pool Cleaning that is Second to None

A critical component of pool maintenance is pool cleaning. Performing some pool cleaning tasks like skimming or vacuuming is recommended on a weekly basis. Additionally, a deep clean is necessary several times during the season, if you have not done your weekly pool cleanings and see signs of algae or pests.

You can count on us to keep your pool looking beautiful and safe all season long with our professional pool cleaning services.

Why You Need a Professional Pool Cleaner

The following signs indicate that you need a professional pool cleaning from Patriot Pool & Spa:

  • Water that is discolored: Algae and other contaminants in your pool can cause irritations, infections, and even long-term health issues if ingested. Therefore, it is important to get your pool professionally cleaned when it is not clear.
  • Insects: You may find other organisms living in your pool besides bacteria. It is common for bugs to find their way around the water and sometimes fall in. Your pool can be infested with mosquitoes, water beetles, gnats, and more.
  • Skin and eye irritation: When you swim underwater with your eyes open, you may experience minor skin irritation and eye irritation. When untreated or chemically imbalanced water lingers on the skin long-term, it can cause serious skin conditions, especially acne.
  • Scaling: Scaling is formed when inorganic material accumulates on pool tile, stone, fiberglass, and other hard surfaces. Typically, scaling indicates a high calcium, pH, or alkaline level in your pool.
  • Foam in the water: There may be bubbles or foam on the surface of your pool water, but this indicates strong surface tension, which can be caused by sunblock, lotion and soap. An overabundance of germs and bacteria lying on the surface, or the presence of too many or too few chemicals (a chemical imbalance).

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, it’s time you reach out to the professionals at Patriot Pool & Spa.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my pool be serviced?
Keeping your pool clean and uncontaminated requires weekly cleaning.

How long will it take for a pool renovation?
Pool renovations depend on the size, complexity and availability of materials and your contractor’s schedule. Regardless, Patriot Pool & Spa will work with you to find out a rough timeline for completing your project.

Do I need a pool upgrade?
Upgraded or renewed pools are far easier to maintain than older ones. If you’re having concerns about your pool, reach out to us today so we can assess and determine the most effective way to fulfill your pool needs.

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THANK YOU Patriot for the years of maintaining our family pool and jacuzzi. Our technician has been coming every Tuesday afternoon for the last three years, which we really appreciate! Even our dog recognizes and loves him.
— Happy Customer


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