Swimming Pool Lighting Repair in Dallas

Pool lights are a significant safety and aesthetic feature. Having your pool glow while you take an evening swim adds to the relaxing environment of a summer day. Patriot Pool and Spa has the skills to repair broken swimming pool lights without disrupting your enjoyment. Whether you live in Dallas, Southlake, or Austin, TX, routine pool light replacement is a necessary part of pool ownership. Modern light fixtures are built to last for years, and thankfully with proper maintenance, your pool lights can last just as long. If you’ve noticed any dimming or flickering lights, be sure to give our trained technicians a call for assistance.

Can My Pool Light Be Repaired?

First and foremost, yes, your pool light can be repaired. Whether it’s a pool light replacement or correcting a leaking fixture, our team has the skills needed to fix the complication efficiently and quickly. However, more commonly, pool owners will discover light is flickering or won’t turn on and wonder if it’s necessary or worth it to replace the bulb or the fixture itself. Pool lights provide safety in seeing the bottom of your pool, but it allows you to enjoy it even after the sun has gone down. Our technicians will be able to identify if the issue is a burnt lightbulb or if water has leaked and has caused problems with the electrical wiring.
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Can You Repair Swimming Pool Lights Without Draining?

Fortunately, your pool doesn’t have to be drained for most repairs as the electrical cable is sealed and is designed not to let any water get to where the conduit is located. However, there are certain situations in which draining your pool may be required. These include if your pool sits on a hill and the electrical equipment is below the pool. However, if you are unsure if you need to drain your pool, call our office. Whether you or our professional team is handling the pool light replacement, here are two upgrade options to consider:

  • LED Pool Lights – These energy-efficient lights cost a little more upfront, but they are built to last for years and are designed to save you money in the long run. LEDs come in a wide range of colors and can be synced with an automated system to turn your swimming pool into a light show. Something to consider is that LED lights aren’t as bright as traditional pool lights.
  • Halogen Pool Lights – Halogens provide the most light for their cost. They cost less to install than LEDs and are more efficient than your standard indoor bulb. An unfortunate side effect is that they tend to run hotter than LED and can be an uncomfortable surprise if touched.

Signs You Need a Pool Light Replacement

There are some common signs that your pool lights are due for a replacement. The easiest one to spot is if you notice your pool lights start to flicker or dim or even no longer turn on. If this happens, it could mean the bulb is starting to go faulty or has already burnt. It could also mean water leaking into the bulb, causing some complications. We recommend that if you find water in the fixture, it should be replaced for safety, as water and electricity are dangerous. When checking your lights, if you notice the wall fixture is a little loose, we recommend either tightening the screws around the housing or calling us to look. Something else to consider is the lifespan of the pool light used. Here is a chart to help determine the lifespan of your chosen pool light:

  • Incandescent – Lifespan of 1,000 hours or 200 days if on for about five hours a day.
  • Halogen – Lifespan of 1,500 hours or 300 days if on for about five hours a day.
  • LED – Lifespan of 20,000 hours or 4,000 days if on for about five hours a day.

Common Pool Light Repair Complications

Having pool lights can give your swimming area an ambiance and create an excellent atmosphere for you and your guests. Your pool lights not working can put a damper on any fun. There are some common issues regarding pool lights; some are easy to fix, and others require pool light repair experts to ensure you and your family remain safe. Before looking at or working on any of these issues, turning off all electricity to your pool is essential to avoid a health concern. Here are the most common pool light complications:
  • Loose Light Fixture – This issue can happen over time and is one of the more straightforward and easy fixes. There is a single screw called a lock screw that keeps your pool light attached to the wall of your pool. It’s easily found at the top of the light fixture. If your light is loose and wobbles when you touch it, take a Phillips screwdriver, and tighten the screw.
  • Leaky Pool Light – As you swim with goggles, checking your lights for leaks is a great idea.
    Any water within the bulb house can lead to a bulb blowout. There is a rubber ring that seals the plastic housing, and chlorine and age can make it less effective. This is also an easy fix. Remove the lock screw, pull the light out of the wall, remove the lens frame, and replace the rubber ring. Replace everything, and you’re done.
  • Tripped Breaker – When you notice your pool lights aren’t working, the first thing you should check is your breaker box. Occasionally, the power required by your pool will lead to an overload and trip a safety feature to shut the breaker. Resetting the breaker should help.
  • Burnt Out Light Bulb – If you’ve checked the breaker and the light is still not working, it may have burnt out. Follow the same steps as laid out for the leaky pool light and exchange the light bulb.

Reasons Your Pool Light May Not Be Working

There’s no denying how frustrating it can be when you go to turn on your pool lights, and nothing happens. Most issues don’t just happen, and there are usually some complications with the bulb’s fixture. We’ve compiled a list of some of the common reasons your pool light may not work. Our team has the skills and experience to repair broken swimming pool lights and help diagnose the issue. Some reasons your pool light may not be working include the following:

  • Tripped GFCI – The ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is a safety mechanism designed to lower the risk of electrocution significantly. You can generally find GFCI buttons near any socket where water and electricity may mix. GFCIs read the current flowing through the circuit and will automatically shut down if it detects any changes. They are sensitive by design but can trip even when there is no danger.
  • Bad Breaker – Checking to see if your breaker is bad will require an expert’s help. By using a multimeter, a professional might be able to detect if there is an issue with your pool’s electrical system and configuration. They’ll be able to help you determine if your breaker can be fixed or if it needs to be replaced entirely.
  • Line Continuity – The electrical circuits for pools usually run several hundreds of feet to reach your pool. The longer the cable involved, the higher the chance something could go wrong in the line. Checking to see if a line issue will require a multimeter, but it’s best and safest if left to a professional.

Why You Need Professional Pool Light Repair in Dallas

If you have a pool light out, you may be tempted to correct the issue yourself. While pool light replacement isn’t overly complicated, we advise strongly against trying to perform the repairs yourself. Our technicians are qualified and trained to work with pool lights and the electrical systems accompanying them. A professional can guarantee results by checking more than just a burnt-out bulb; we’ll discover the root of the issue and correct it. It’s best to check in with a professional team whenever you notice anything involving pool light repair. This is to keep you and your family safe. Check out our blog for other safety tips your family can use.

Pool Light Repairs in Dallas

Patriot Pool and Spa places a significant focus on customer service and satisfaction. Your swimming pool is a considerable investment, and you’ll only want the best of the best maintenance and repairs for any complications. Our dedicated team is knowledgeable, and our pool light repair services are affordable and transparent. When you choose us, you’ll know the total cost upfront with frequent check-ins throughout the service. Regardless of whether the issue is a burnt-out bulb or a complication with the wiring, we have the solutions you need. Contact us for your pool light repair needs. We have multiple locations in Austin, Dallas, Southlake, and surrounding areas to serve you.




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