Pool Cleaning

Pools should be fun! Let Patriot Pool and Spa take care of all the work that makes that fun possible. During our weekly visits we will brush, vacuum, and skim the surface of the pool. We will also empty your baskets, make sure your equipment is functioning properly, and balance the chemistry. Once the work is done, we will immediately e-mail you a report that lets you know we were there and what was done.

pool repair

Pool Repair

Patriot Pool and Spa can help you with any of your equipment needs! Whether you have one small drip or would like an all new pad of equipment, we are the team you need! We would love to help you with your pumps, motors, filters, cleaners, heaters, automation, sanitation, and light systems. Our goal is your happiness, so we will make recommendations based on our years of experience to find the best solution specific to your pool situation.

pool chemical sales

Equipment & Chemical Sales

While we don't have a brick and mortar location, we can provide you with that hard to find part you may need. For our route customers, we can save you the trip to the pool store and supply you with any part, toy, piece of equipment, or chemical you may need!

pool training

Education & Training

At Patriot Pool and Spa, we believe a smart customer is a good customer. Let us help you really understand how your pool works and what it requires. We offer a one hour on-site Pool School, so that you are perfectly comfortable with what is in your backyard. Whether you are a DIY'er or you are having your pool professionally maintained, knowledge is a great thing to possess.