How to Eliminate Pool Algae

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Have you noticed a green film growing on top of your pool? Or maybe it’s beginning to coat your pool tiles? You have an algae problem.

Algae is a naturally occurring aquatic plant that grows all throughout nature, so it’s nothing to fear, even if it does look disturbing.

What causes algae growth?

There are several reasons that algae could begin growing inside of your pool. Some of the most common causes for the introduction of algae into your pool include:

  • Poor water circulation; low flow or dead spots in the pool
  • Improper water balance
  • Low chlorine levels
  • Incorrect water filtration
  • Exterior contamination, such as someone wearing the same swim trunks at the lake and then inside of your pool, or algae spores blowing into your pool

How can I eliminate algae?

The best way to prevent algae from growing in your pool is by maintaining proper water circulation, water balance, chlorine levels, and filtration. If even one of these factors is out of sync, you could be creating a perfect environment for algae growth.

However, sometimes, prevention isn’t enough, and you still find algae growth in your pool. If this happens, give our team a call at Pacific Pools, Inc. We’ll make sure to clean the pool first, vacuuming the bottom and skimming the top to make sure there’s no debris for the algae to grow on, and then we’ll likely treat your pool with an algaecide, depending on the circumstances.

Every pool is a unique situation, so call us today to have yours figured out. You can reach us online or by giving us a call. We look forward to making your pool a relaxing place to be again!



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