What Does a Pool Service Company Do?

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Is there anything better than cooling off in the backyard pool on a hot sunny day? Whether the kids are splashing, the dog just jumped in after its toy, or it’s just you sipping your go-to beverage on your favorite float, your pool is a little slice of paradise.

These backyard oases don’t come without a cost, though. Without regular maintenance and care, our little slices of heaven at home can quickly deteriorate into a green swamp. Proper maintenance and cleaning requires time and energy that most of us would rather spend enjoying our pools.

Before you spend your summer skimming and scrubbing, we invite you to consider how a professional pool service can help you make the most of your backyard pool.

What Is a Pool Service Company?

A pool service company takes the stress out of maintaining, servicing, and cleaning your pool. Instead of spending 4–8 hours a week of your own precious time working on your pool, a professional pool company can ensure your pool is spotless all summer long with consistent maintenance, cleaning, and repairs when necessary.

At Patriot Pool & Spa, we offer professional pool maintenance and cleaning in Dallas and throughout Texas. We are proud to keep our customers swimming in pristine pools all summer with our trusted services.

  • Weekly Pool Maintenance — Consistent cleaning and maintenance is key for the condition and longevity of your pool. Weekly pool maintenance includes the typical things you think of like water testing, balancing chemicals, cleaning, brushing, and scrubbing. Truly professional companies will include equipment inspections, filter servicing, and continuous evaluation of your pool’s overall health.
  • Equipment & Chemical Sales — Why extend your valuable time with trips to the pool store? A comprehensive pool service company can provide you with parts, toys, chemicals, and any equipment you need to keep your pool safe and enjoyable.
  • Pool Repair — Regular maintenance helps prevent your pool from requiring costly repairs. If and when your pool does have an issue, however, a professional pool service company can diagnose your issue and have you fixed up in no time. Whether you’ve sprung a leak, need equipment repair, or even resurfacing or remodeling, the right pool company can help you take care of it all.

At Patriot Pool & Spa, we take our duties seriously. Other companies may only offer a handful of services, but we try to cover all the bases as your one-stop shop for pool maintenance in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin. We’ve seen clean pools bring great joy to our customers’ families.

We’ve also seen dirty pools end up costing families thousands and thousands of dollars to repair.

So if you’re looking for a pool service company you can trust, make sure you find one that has the right reputation and the know-how and service offering to keep your pool in tip-top shape.

Is Investing in Pool Maintenance Services Worth It?

Only you can determine whether pool maintenance services and needs fit your budget. As you think over your decision, you’ll want to consider some of the benefits a professional pool service can offer you.

Time and Effort

Sure, most pool maintenance can be fairly routine and simple. It’s also time-consuming. At Patriot, our recommendations for a pool maintenance checklist include:


  • Skimming leaves and debris from the water’s surface
  • Brushing pool walls, steps, and crevices
  • Checking the water level and adjust as needed
  • Running the pool pump for 8–12 hours a day


  • Vacuuming the bottom of the pool
  • Turning off the pool pump and clean the skimmer basket (1–2 times per week)
  • Testing water chemistry (1–2 times per week)
    • pH levels
    • Alkalinity levels
    • Chlorine levels
  • Shocking the pool (every 1–2 weeks)
  • Applying algaecide (every 1–2 weeks)
  • Clearing the deck of leaves or other debris that could get into the water
  • Checking the pressure gauge on the pool filter. If it is 10 psi above its baseline level, clean or backwash the filter.

You got your pool to swim, have some fun, and relax in the sun. Measuring chemicals and cleaning hair out of the filters is probably not your idea of a restful afternoon. When you leave your pool cleaning and maintenance to the professionals, you save yourself time and maximize your investment for what you got it for: summertime relaxation and fun.

Skill and Expertise

It’s not too difficult to skim a pool and clear some leaves. However, as you can see from the list above, removing debris and cleaning up is only a small part of a robust pool cleaning routine.

Especially in Texas, where the blazing summer sun can promote algal and bacterial growth, chemical management can get tricky. Without proper measuring and administration of the right pool chemicals, you may end up with a pool that nobody wants to dip a toe in—and that might also be unsafe.

In addition to the normal pool maintenance checklist, it’s not always easy to know what to expect or what to look for to keep your pool in the best condition. Detecting something common can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what to look for. Tears and leaks can be evasive, and unless you spot them sooner than later, you risk more damage to your pool.

Not only does professional pool cleaning offer you the highest quality services, but it ensures preventive measures and diagnostic checks that will keep you and your family safe all summer long.

Cost Effectiveness

The cost of regular pool maintenance varies based on size of your pool, the type of pool you have, and countless other factors.

In Texas, pool cleaning can run anywhere from $80–150+ based on your specific needs. Quality pool cleaning isn’t exactly cheap. But when you account for the money you save from buying your own cleaning equipment and the time you gain back for yourself, the cost effectiveness of a pool cleaning company becomes clearer.

Ultimately, the cost-benefit calculation is up to you, but consider this: Are you really going to enjoy your pool as you hoped after you spend hours skimming, brushing, scrubbing, vacuuming, and balancing the chemicals?

Peace of Mind

A pool can boost a home’s value and provide hour after hour of enjoyment for the entire family. That’s only the case, though, when the pool is well maintained. A pool that’s left in disrepair can actually detract from a home’s value and even become a health hazard. Hiring a professional pool service can ensure that you and your family will enjoy backyard fun for years to come—and hold the value of this asset if it’s ever time to move on.

In a culture with endless to-do lists and time stretched thin, sometimes peace of mind is worth a few dollars. If a pool company can help alleviate the weekly and monthly cleaning and maintenance burdens and give you back a little bit of your time, then surely that’s worth considering.

Enjoy a Professionally Serviced Pool

Swimming pool maintenance can require hours of time and effort every month. Cleaning, balancing chemicals, maintaining circulation, and diagnosing issues as they come up are all necessary for a clean, enjoyable pool. You might be able to take care of some of these tasks yourself, but hiring a professional frees up your time and ensures the highest quality cleaning and maintenance to keep your family swimming and splashing for years to come.

At Patriot Pool & Spa, we’re convinced that once you try our pool cleaning services, you’ll find them convenient, cost-effective, and indispensable. Spend your summer swimming, not scrubbing, and cross pool maintenance, cleaning, chemical checks off your to-do list today.

For hassle-free summer fun in Austin, Dallas, or Fort Worth, let the professionals keep your pool in tip-top shape.



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