How Texas Weather Affects Your Swimming Pool Year-Round

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The Impact of Texas Weather on Your Swimming Pool

Non-Texans assume that Texas is a hot, dry, desert of a state, but there’s great variety to our climate regions and weather. From scorching hot summers to freezing cold winters to thunderstorms with hail and tornadoes, you can see just about any type of weather in the Lone Star State. Knowing that, it’s important that you’re prepared to protect your swimming pool no matter what time of year or where in Texas you live. Read on to learn from the pool maintenance and repair experts at Patriot Pool & Spa.

Hot, Sunny Summers

Here in our parts of Texas, the summer months can be absolutely brutal. Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin both average around 20-30 days over 100 annually. That’s great swimming weather, but you have to make sure your pool can handle the heat!

The intense UV radiation from the summer sun can burn off the chlorine in your pool. You’ll want to test your chlorine levels regularly in the summer, and your chemical treatment plan will likely include cyanuric acid (CYA) that functions as a “sunscreen” for your pool’s chlorine. This is something to keep in mind even when it’s not peak summer: Austin and DFW get around 230 days of sunshine on average.

Drought is another summer element to watch out for. Make sure your pool has all the best water-saving features and that you don’t have any swimming pool leaks.

Tempestuous Thunderstorms and Tornadoes

Texas isn’t the stormiest state in the U.S., but we see our fair share of severe thunderstorms. And while Tornado Alley has shifted to the east away from DFW, that doesn’t mean we’re totally tornado-free these days.

When a heavy thunderstorm comes through, remove your pool cover. This may seem counterintuitive, but hail and high winds can cause damage to your pool cover. And, unless your pool is drained, hail will be slowed by the pool water and your lining likely won’t be damaged.

If your pool is damaged by a Texas thunderstorm, you can turn to Patriot Pool & Spa for repairs.

Bracing for Cold Winter Weather

We’re not thought of as a cold part of the world, but recent extreme weather events have changed that narrative slightly. The Texas winter storm of 2021 was so cold and severe that it’s considered to be the costliest natural disaster in the history of the state and the country. Considering this, it’s more important than ever to make your Texas pool winter-ready.

We have two separate blog posts about winter pool maintenance and protecting your pool from a freeze, but here are some of the most important elements:

  • Cover your pool during winter months
  • Check your water levels and use algaecide if necessary
  • Run your pool filter and water pumps when temps drop below 32 degrees F

Spring Cleaning Your Texas Swimming Pool

Much of our storm advice above can apply to the spring season, but spring is also the perfect time to get things clean and ready for summer. Here are some pool spring cleaning tips:

And, if you want to learn even more, check out our pool spring cleaning blog post.

Leave the Weather Proofing to The Experts

If this all sounds like too much to keep up with on your own, don’t worry! You can rely on the pool maintenance and repair professionals at Patriot Pool & Spa right here in DFW and Austin. Don’t hesitate to schedule your pool cleaning service with our friendly support staff today, no matter what the weather is.



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