Is the Pool Dangerous for Your Dog?

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There is nothing more refreshing than jumping into the pool for the first time after winter, even if spring seems to be far off right now. But before you let your furry companion jump in with you, keep their safety in mind.

There are a few dangers you’ll need to be aware of before you let the pup dive in. Here are the main threats when it comes to the pool:

Pool Chemicals

A well-maintained pool should be healthy for kids, adults, and pets. However, ingestion of pool water can cause problems. While kids tend to intake some pool water while swimming accidentally, dogs will sometimes intentionally lap up water, thinking it’s for drinking. That’s where things get dangerous for them. Whether you have a salt or chlorine pool, too much of that water can cause gastrointestinal issues that will lead to vomiting from your dog.

It also leads to electrolyte imbalances that can cause severe dehydration in your pet that you might not notice until irreparable damage has been done.

Additionally, you should be cautious of your dogs contaminating your pool as well! According to experts, a dog in your pool is equivalent to the contamination of three humans in your pool. Yikes. To prevent too much dirt and debris from entering the pool, get in the habit of rinsing your dog off before they jump in.

Pools Covers

You also need to be careful of pool covers in the winter. Some dogs will try to venture onto the top of the pool cover, and if they fall through a crack or a hole, they could get stuck under the cover and not be able to get air. We always recommend installing a fence around your pool if you have pets or kids in order to prevent accidental falls.

Do you have more questions about the chemicals in your pool and how to keep your pool safe and clean? Contact our team!



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