What is an Advanced Water Treatment System?

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Why Should I Consider an Advanced Water Treatment System for My Swimming Pool?

Let’s face it: there’s nothing better than having a swimming pool at your home! And to keep it in tip-top shape, whether it’s above or in-ground, you know it’s vital to make sure that this aquatic focal point is kept nice and tidy at all times.

However, suppose you’d like to take things up a notch, in addition to regular maintenance and your preexisting chlorine or salt water sanitizing system. In that case, you may want to consider having an advanced water treatment system installed. Here are some things to consider:

What is an Advanced Water Treatment System?

As it’s known, your home’s swimming pool is sanitized by either trichlor tablets or a salt-chlorine generator to help purify the water and make it safe for you and your family to go for a swim. However, there are times when chlorine-resistant microorganisms might find their way into your aquatic focal point and may require additional measures to be taken.

With an advanced water treatment system, the device will take your pool’s cleanliness to the next level — but how so? Simple: it will help banish those inactivate chlorine-resistant microorganisms and make the water much safer to swim in.

What are My Options for an Advanced Water Treatment System?

If you’re looking to make a noticeable difference in your swimming pool and have peace of mind knowing that the water is thoroughly sanitized, there are a few different options for water treatment systems that you can choose from:

Ozone Generator

Known as one of the most popular advanced water treatment systems on the market, an ozone generator is installed in your swimming pool’s circulation system. Before H2O has the chance to reenter your pool, it will be fed through the ozonator and the device will destroy any viruses, bacteria, and parasites that come in contact with it.

Pro tip: never try to manage your ozonator on your own — always have a professional make any necessary adjustments and repairs when needed.

Ultraviolet (UV) Pool Sanitizer

Another excellent choice for an advanced water treatment system is an ultraviolet (UV) pool sanitizer! With cutting-edge technology and a chemical-free composition, this device will use ultraviolet light to help sanitize your pool’s water and remove “pests” such as algae, protozoa, and bacteria from your H2O.

Mineral Cartridge Technology

Have you heard about mineral cartridge technology? This advanced water treatment gadget relies on essential mineral ingredients to help purify your pool’s H2O. Within a short time, you’ll instantly notice that your swimming water is crystal clear and purified — as well as soft, which is something that many pool owners leave out of the equation these days (hard water can take a toll on your hair, skin, and nails)!

Advanced Pool Water Treatment Systems in North Texas

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