Does My Pool Require Maintenance in the Winter?

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While summer is long gone, for the time being, you might think you don’t have to take much care of your pool this winter. However, you would be mistaken if you think the winter means that your pool can be hands-off until the following season.

The issue with many pool owners during this season is that they tend to forget about pool maintenance, which makes starting up pool use again in the spring or even next summer a bigger hassle than it needs to be. Here are some of the ways you can keep your pool healthy and ready for the next time you dive in.

Cover That Pool Up!

We have seen many homeowners forget about covering up their pool in the fall, and this only becomes a more significant issue in the winter. With falling leaves, branches, and even insects making a home in your pool water, you can get a nasty surprise next season. If you do not cover your pool, you run the risk of algae blooming or even creating a pleasant environment for bugs to lay eggs in your pool.

Regular Cleaning

Although you are not diving into your pool as often or at all during the winter, that does not mean dust and other debris doesn’t build-up around your pool’s surface. Remember to clean around your pool regularly and even scoop up any debris before covering up your pool. Letting any pool surface go unclean can lead to algae growth, and you want to avoid that mess at all costs.

Water Care

Before you cover up that pool, make sure to also check on your water level and put proper algaecide to help keep your water clean until the following season. You may be unsure where to keep your pool water level during the winter, so we are here to say that while you do not have to drain your pool out entirely, do not keep it full. Try to keep your water level below your skimmer for safety, but keep water there to avoid tile cracks and other damage.

At Patriot Pools & Spa we know taking care of pools can be a hassle, especially during the holiday season, so call us and we’ll help you, so you can have more time getting those last-minute gifts!



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